MOTO ISTRA • Wine & Gourmet


Adventure travel along the Dragon lines trough the tastes and scents of mystical Istria,
spirituality and hedonism, tradition and cuisine, microcosmoses


Dragon lines and truffles


Taste the best of authentic known and hidden Istria

Healthy food - based on local seasonal foods and specialties of healthy Mediterranean Istrian cuisine

Carefully selected family restaurants, rural houses and taverns in the spirit

of traditional Istrian cuisine and hospitality

Finest wine cellars and olive growers - tasting rooms for top Istrian wines and extra virgin olive oils


Istrian prosciutto and cheese


Best of Green ( continental ) Istria - Istrian cattle meat, truffles, prosciutto and sausages, cereal minestrones,

cheeses and curds ( ricotta ), mushrooms and asparagus

Best of Blue ( mediterranean ) Istria - oysters, scallops, mussels, shrimps,

fishes and crabs, cattlefish black risotto, squids and octopuses


Istrian seafood


Our grannies cuisine - homemade pasta - fusi, gnocchi, ravioli with sauces made of homegrown chicken,

istrian cattle, mushrooms and truffles

Cultural and Sacral heritage - prehistoric settlements and cults, Roman monuments, medieval castles,

churches and cities, Venetian palaces and Austro-Hungarian fortresses

Landscapes and views - Motovun, Oprtalj, Momjan, Hum, Rovinj

Myths and Legends - Epulon, Jure Grando, Veli Joze

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Rovinj, Istria